Administrative Core

The University of Washington Center for Research on the Management of Sleep Disturbances (UW-CRMSD) is led by a multi-disciplinary Center Executive Committee (CEC) and Administrative Core supported by Internal and External Scientific Advisory Committees comprised of national leaders in sleep and self management research. 

Key responsibilities of the Administrative Core include:

  • Scientific and fiscal oversight of all Center activities;
  • Oversight and evaluation of all Center and pilot projects;
  • Investigator mentorship;
  • Development of adjunct investigators;
  • Provision of Center-wide educational opportunities;
  • Outreach to minority populations;
  • Facilitating Center sustainability;
  • Translation and dissemination of research findings to clinical partners.

The CRMSD PI (Margaret Heitkemper) chairs the CEC which includes the CRMSD Administrative Core (CRMSD-AC) Co-Directors (Michael V. Vitiello and Gail Kieckhefer), and CRMSD Biobehavioral Tool Core (CRMSD-BTC) Co-Directors (Carol Landis and Karen Thomas). The Administrative Core oversees issues related to human subjects for each of the 4 Center Projects and Pilot Projects.

The CRMSD-AC oversees and facilitates access to core services. First, this is done through support of the 4 Center Projects (see CRMSD-BTC). Second, this is accomplished through support of Pilot Projects to be funded by the University of Washington Provost’s Office and the School of Nursing (SON) Office of Nursing Research. In addition, Center Affiliates are identified and appointed. Appointments of CRMSD Affiliates are done by the CEC based on the applicant’s research interests being consistent with the CRMSD’s mission. Prospective candidates should submit a CV and letter of request to:

Center for Research on Management of Sleep Disturbances
Center Executive Committee
C/O Michael Horner
University of Washington
1959 NE Pacific Street Box 357266
Seattle, WA 98195

Affiliates may request CRMSD core services including mentorship and training related to sleep and sleep-symptom management. Core services including electronic data capturing services, genetic testing, polysomnogram and actigraphy are available to Affiliates.