Building a Sustainable Indian Tribal Infrastructure for Translational Research

Project Advisory Committee

PAC is an advisory committee comprising tribal leaders, community representatives, and academic scholars. The purpose of the Project Advisory Committee is to provide support, consultation, and identification of resources to address research needs for two Coastal Salish tribes.

The PAC meets twice a year to address the following needs:

  1. Identifying and addressing tribal health concerns and needs for research;
  2. Identifying and addressing tribal needs for proposal development education and assistance;
  3. Preparing faculty to work in the tribal communities including education about cultural values, tribal systems and structures;
  4. Working with systems and structures at the University of Washington as they relate to research with tribal communities;
  5. Developing collaborative activities in translational research to address the health concerns for tribal communities.


The PAC includes representatives from community agencies, University of Washington faculty, tribal members, and University of Washington nursing students.