Building a Sustainable Indian Tribal Infrastructure for Translational Research

Principal Investigators

June Strickland, PhD, RN

Associate Professor Psychosocial and Community Health

My current research is in health related behavior change (prevention) with Pacific  Northwest Indian People, e.g. youth suicide, pain, depression, cancer. As an Indian graduate faculty member I am committed to developing culturally appropriate instruments, examining the cultural appropriateness of research methods such as focus groups, and exploring the appropriateness and fit of theories and strategies used in mainstream populations for Indian communities.

My educational preparation is in change theory; I work at both the individual and structural/policy level to address change. My research is both quantitative and qualitative and I am committed to involvement of the community in research and practice. Much of my qualitative work is devoted to the development of theoretical models that may be more appropriate for Indian populations. I maintain and supervise field sites for both undergraduate and graduate students in rural Indian tribal communities.


Rebecca Logsdon, PhD

Research Professor, Psychosocial and Community Health

I am a clinical psychologist specializing in gerontology and have worked and conducted research with older adults for 25 years. My current research focuses on translation of evidence-based psychosocial interventions into community settings.  I am a co-investigator of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Healthy Aging Research Network, with a specific focus on outreach to diverse communities regarding brain health. I am a member of a number of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams, including collaborations with physicians, social workers, nurses, epidemiologists, public health specialists, community agencies, and government organizations. I have regularly collaborated with colleagues from other departments and schools in the University of Washington as well as from other institutions and agencies, particularly the Washington Department of Social and Health Services, the Oregon Department of Human Services, the Oregon and Western and Central Washington chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association, and several Western Washington Area Agencies on Aging. In the current project I particularly focus on research training for tribal members and nursing students, and on the broad translational research mission of the work.