University Towers

The Primary location for the BNHS department is the west end of the 6th floor of the T wing, rooms T601 - T624.  Other locations where BNHS employees work include E305, 4th floor of T wing, University Towers, and the Harborview Injury Prevention Research Center.  


The BNHS department is located on the 11th floor of University Towers.  Space is assigned by the department administrator, in conjunction with assigned PIs.  Grants are not charged rent for U Towers space.  

Building services at U Towers are provided by UW Tower Operations

The Health Sciences Shuttle provides service between the Health Sciences Complex and U Towers. 

Access to the 11th floor is restricted due to grant confidentiality needs.   Employees assigned to work stations at U Towers can get regular access by contacting UW Tower Operations.  Others need to contact the occupant they are visiting by phone or email in advance and arrange to be met at the security desk in the 1st floor lobby.