For Pre-Docs

Individualization of the trainee's program under the advisement of core/supporting faculty (Pre- and post-doctoral trainees will select from graduate courses in Nursing and in Related Fields to develop knowledge and expertise in their own focused area critical to the generation of knowledge related to the integration of behavioral, social and biologic human responses in health and illness.)

Progression and Training

The predoctoral trainees will participate in a training program of up to 2 years of support. Trainees:

  • Are expected to develop an individual NRSA or other means of support for their dissertation work.
  • Will direct participation in ongoing investigations of the core and supporting faculty in such activities as conceptual formation, data collection, analysis, techniques of specific assays and methodologies and the like.
  • Will participate in weekly seminars around different topics each quarter that are specific to the program, but also open to other scholars in the school.

More Information

  • Faculty mentors will review progress with each predoctoral trainee quarterly and discuss any problem areas with the co-directors as needed.
  • Co-directors will annually review quarterly report.
  • Predoctoral trainees will focus their dissertation research on a topic related to either primary or secondary prevention of biobehavioral disease, impairment or disability, with their dissertation chair being grounded in the topic of primary interest and the focus area of biobehavioral nursing research.