Pre Award Support

Greetings from BNHS Pre-Award Support!

We handle all aspects of grant applications for the department, from initial planning all the way up to the point where a UW budget number is created, at which point Post-Award Support takes over. 

We are Jason Bott and Sarah Zangrillo, and we work in Suite 616A.  Please feel free to drop by, email or call us with any questions.

Basic Grant Information


Please let Jason know as soon as you think you will want to submit a grant.  This will enable us to add it to our calendar and start working with you to ensure we have everything we need for a successful submission.

An excellent source of grant-planning information is the Office of Nursing Research's ONR Grant Services page.  You can find budget-planning spreadsheets, templates, and grant writing tips there.


The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) requires all final business elements of a grant seven (7) business days before the grant deadline—this means the final budget and most elements of a subcontract, if there is one.  All research-related documents can still be in draft form.  The final (ready to submit) grant must be received by OSP three (3) days before the grant deadline.

Due to standard NIH grant deadlines, our busiest months tend to be February, June, and October (for new grant applications) followed by March, July, and August (for resubmissions and renewals).  However, deadlines for large grants can happen any month of the year, so there is no completely “slow” time.


If you have an outgoing subcontract on your grant application, please aim to get the final subcontract documents one month before the grant deadline.  Working with outside institutions is always more complex than working internally, so it’s best to allow plenty of time to make corrections and retrieve final documents.

Human Subjects review (IRB)

All IRB approvals in BNHS are reviewed in the department before being forwarded to the UW's Human Subjects Division. Please refer to their helpful website to determine whether your research is exempt or requires HSD review.  Submit your IRB materials to for departmental review.


The owners of the Pre Award page are Jason Bott,, and Sarah Zangrillo,  Contact them for additional information or to request content be added.