Permanent Staff


Each new employee is “on-boarded”, also called inprocessing or orientation.  There are different contact people for each category of employee to be on-boarded.   Permanent staff are on-boarded by the department administrator, supervisor and payroll coordinator  General on-boarding for all employees:  

  • Confirm job title, salary, start/end dates, name of supervisor.
  • Identify workstation or office 
  • Get payroll and time accounting set up with payroll coordinator.
  • Meet co-workers and key people, get tour of team and department areas. 
  • Get job description and priorities from supervisor.
  • Get UW email, computer, printing and network access set up.  
  • Work out commuting and parking.

Specific Onboarding for Permanent Staff

With supervisor and administrator before start date

  • Confirm job title, name of supervisor, start date, salary rate and %, duration of position, expected attire.
  • Determine schedule with supervisor, including first day instructions.
  • Learn commuting options at Commuter Services.
  • Plan to bring passport or license/SSN card, and cancelled check on first day for payroll entry.

First 1-2 Days

  • Report to assigned section or to supervisor’s office.  Meet supervisor or section representative.  
  • Locate workstation and secure areas for valuables.
  • Identify time with your supervisor to do onboarding.
  • Get tour of team and department areas, meet key people, get door codes.
  • Walk around building, locate rest of School, eating places, evacuation instructions.
  • Get UW email set up with supervisor or  (TIER tech support).
  • See Emma Lorenzo, payroll coordinator, room T611 for EID #, payroll and time accounting set up. 
  • If new to UW as a permanent staff person, do the online employee orientation.

First 1-2 weeks

  • Get Husky card.
  • See Emma Lorenzo, room T611, for keys, building ID, access card, HIPAA training.
  • See Katie Karr, facilities, room T609, for work station set up, mailbox, supplies
  • Get network access as needed.
  • Update personal and directory info on MyUW.
  • Set up voice mail for office phone.  Request UWATS code for long distance if needed.
  • Work out computer, network access, printing.  Contact TIER for assistance.
  • Set up parking/commuting. 
  • Learn safety procedures, including SafeCampus, and U Alert.  Do personal emergency planning.   
  • Access My Nursing, get familiar with School SharePoint site.
  • Get copy code, how to use copier. Get email entered into copier for scanning.
  • Get written job description from supervisor.  (not the same as job posting)
  • Start credentialing process if work location requires it.  
  • Request IRB training if scheduled to work with human subjects. 
  • Review FERPA  if scheduled to work with student information.

First 4-6 weeks

  • Attend UW Benefits briefing and submit benefits forms,  Register at this location.    
  • Attend Prevention of Sexual Harassment training.  Register at this location.  
  • Identify UW systems authorizations needed and request from administrator.
  • Review UW CareLink benefit at this location.
  • Meet with department administrator to review status of on-boarding. 
  • Decide whether to join SEIU union if “contract classified”.  If so, complete required forms.
  • Learn about department activities.   Get picture posted on staff site. 
  • Request travel card if travelling is part of responsibilities.  Learn travel procedures.