Health Sciences Complex

The Primary location for the BNHS department is the west end of the 6th floor of the T wing, rooms T601 - T624.  Other locations where BNHS employees work include E305, 4th floor of T wing, University Towers, and the Harborview Injury Prevention Research Center.  

Room Assignments

Single person offices in Health Sciences are available for tenure line faculty and selected senior staff.  Shared offices are available for the following when they are in a paid status:   Emeritus faculty, temporary faculty, administrative staff, personnel working on training grants.  Instructor space is assigned quarter by quarter.  Space for research personnel is available from the School of Nursing or at University Towers rather than in the department area.

Contact the department administrator for office assignments, except for window offices, which are assigned by the Chair.


Tenure line faculty and administrative staff are provided a laptop or personal computer from department funds, updated as funds allow.  Computers for personnel on grants come from grant funds or trickledown.   Printing is available from the copier in the workroom.  Chairs, desks, workstations, bulletin boards, file cabinets, shelves are provided as funds allow.    

Reasonable ergonomic adjustments or purchases can be made for employees as needed.  Submit requests for accommodation to the department administrator.   


Occupants are responsible for emptying trash and recycle from their offices into central receptacles.   

Shredding is available in 2 ways, papers can be deposited into a locked container in the workroom, or employees can shred their own papers using the shredder in the workroom.