Prospective Students

NOTE:  Pending approval, the Infant Mental Health Graduate Certificate Program in Advanced Practice Nursing requirements will change effective for cohorts entering Autumn 2014. If you began the program in Autumn 2013, please refer to this web page for information pertaining to your cohort. Please see our curriculum page for a comparison of previous requirements and new requirements, and review our Frequently Asked Questions about program changes.

Program Overview

Develop specialty skills in the interdisciplinary field of infant and early childhood mental health. This four-quarter part-time graduate certificate employs flexible online distance education to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

Scope of Training

  • Introduction to the infant and early childhood mental health field and attachment theory
  • Contributing factors to the development of psychopathology in children from birth to three
  • Relationship-based diagnostic assessment and evaluation of infants and toddlers
  • Principles of reflective practice, consultation, and supervision

Program Benefits

Learn how to infuse infant and early childhood mental health principles into your daily practice while expanding your professional network. Earn transcripted graduate credits upon completing the certificate. Apply knowledge to enhance your clinical practice.

Experience Level

Graduate degree or current matriculation in a graduate degree program at the University of Washington

Who Should Apply

Professionals from a variety of training backgrounds, including nursing, education, primary care, early intervention (including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology), psychology and social work.







Year 1

NURS 548

Frameworks of IMH
(3 credits)

NURS 537

Development and Psychopathology
(3 credits)

NURS 555

Relationship-Based Assessment
(3 credits)

NURS 569

Reflective Practice and Consultation
(2 credits)


NSG 568

Infant Observation
(1 credit each quarter)

NURS 548 Frameworks in Infant Mental Health (3 credits)

Examines the field of infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH) from historical, developmental, and interdisciplinary perspectives. Special attention will be paid to attachment relationships, brain development, early communication and emotion regulation, and cultural perspectives. In addition the course will examine different approaches to IECMH interventions.

NSG 537 Development and Psychopathology: Parents and Infants (3 credits)

Prerequisite: NURS 548 or permission of instructor
Uses attachment theory to understand development and psychopathology in children aged three and under. The course considers the contributions of prenatal factors, parent factors, parent-child relationships, post-institutional effects, and international and cross-cultural issues to development and developmental psychopathology.

NURS 555 Relationship-Based Assessment of Infant and Toddlers (3 credits)
Prerequisite: NSG 537 or permission of instructor
Focuses on observation and diagnostic assessment of infants and toddlers within the context of their primary relationships.  Students are introduced to a range of measures as well as the DC: 0-3R.

NURS 569 Reflective Practice (2 credits)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of NURS 548, NSG 537 and NURS 555

Provides students with the essential principles of reflection practice and consultation which are foundational to the practice of infant and early childhood mental health and are the most frequently identified need of frontline providers.

NSG 568 Infant Observation (1 credit, 4 quarters) 

Experiential component of the program which reveals typical development as it unfolds in the first year of an infant’s life. Students observe a caregiver-baby dyad from birth over four quarters. They learn to understand individual developmental change within the context of each child’s family and to reflect upon their own feelings during these observations. Historically, Infant Observation is a core training experience for infant mental health practitioners.  

Individuals may opt to take NURS 548, NSG 537 and/or NURS 555 a la carte to build knowledge base in infant mental health. If you are interested in single course enrollment, please contact us. (Note: Graduate certificates are only awarded for satisfactorily completing all program requirements.) Coursework may be eligible for CEUs. Please check with your state’s credentialing/licensing board.

Applications for Autumn 2014 are due May 1, 2014 at 5:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Please contact us ( once you have started the online application process.

Our program costs are $657 per credit for 2013-2014, plus quarterly fees. These costs are subject to change year to year.

Program Revision Comparison


Existing Program:
Autumn 2013 and Earlier

Revised Program:
Autumn 2014 Start

Total Credits

18 credits (9 didactic, 9 practicum)15 credits (11 didactic, 4 experiential)

Number of Courses


Experiential Credits

9 credits of clinical practicum4 credits of Infant Observation

Total Time in Program

2 years: Autumn, Winter, Spring each year1 year: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer

Program Format

Online/in-person practicum/2 on-site seminarsOnline/in-person observation experience

Cost Per Credit

$657$657 (subject to change)

Total Program Cost

Est. $11,826 plus feesEst. $9,855 plus fees

Introductory Course

NSG 538NURS 548