Tuition Exemption FAQ

This information applies to Seattle campus students only. UW-Bothell and UW-Tacoma students should check with their respective campuses about tuition exempt policies.

What is tuition exemption status?

One of the benefits for UW and some State of Washington employees is tuition exemption, which allows you to take a limited number of credits each quarter without being subject to the same tuition and fees as non-exempt students at the University of Washington.  To use this benefit you must have applied to the UW for a non-matriculated or matriculated status, been admitted and have current active status.  You must also submit, in advance of each quarter you wish to enroll, the appropriate tuition exemption form, along with the required fee.  You will also be charged a technology fee, which is charged per credit of enrollment.

How do I request tuition exemption status at the University of Washington?


Please visit the UW Tuition Exemption Status page for guidelines and details:

Are there any costs to me as a tuition-exempt student?

Yes, there is a cost to initially apply to the UW and a quarterly fee to sign up for tuition exemption.  You will also be charged a technology fee, which is charged per credit of enrollment.  Please visit the UW Tuition Exemption Status page for details:

Are there any School of Nursing courses which are not eligible for tuition exemption?

The following School of Nursing courses do not qualify for tuition exemption:



NMETH598, 600, 700, 800, 801
NURS499, 599
Any course offered through UW Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) is also
ineligible for tuition exemption.

A number of School of Nursing degree programs are now offered as fee-based
programs through UW PCE.  Tuition exemption cannot be used when enrolling
in School of Nursing courses listed in the UW PCE time schedule.
PCE time schedule:

Please note that enrollment in School of Nursing courses not included in this list may or may not be open to enrollment if you are NOT a matriculating School of Nursing student.  If you are not a current School of Nursing student, please contact the School of Nursing before attempting to use your tuition exemption benefit: or (206) 543-8736.

Do I need to apply each quarter I attend?

You need only apply once to the University, as long as you maintain continuous enrollment in the same status (Summer Quarter excepted). However, you must apply for tuition exemption prior to each quarter in which you intend to use it.