Teaching Assistant (TA) and Research Assistant (RA) Positions

Teaching Assistant (TA) and Research Assistant (RA) positions may offer students paid tuition and a stipend. In most positions, you help faculty with their teaching or research 20 hours per week. Some TA/RAs teach or hold review sessions, grade papers, proctor tests, attend class and take notes, update or create web pages, or perform data collection and analysis.

The UW Center for Teaching and Learning holds workshops for TAs and RAs, including workshops specifically geared towards international student TAs/RAs.

When interviewing for the position, give the interviewer a reason to hire you!



  • Show up on time for the interview
  • Convey enthusiasm and interest
  • Dress the part of a job seeker
  • Be truthful
  • Follow up after the interview with a thank you note
  • Have a poor personal appearance
  • Be overbearing or possess a "know-it-all" attitude
  • Be passive, indifferent, or show lack of interest
  • Bad mouth a past employer
  • Be a "no-show"
  • Forget to ask questions at the interview