MS Program: How to Apply

Application Availability and Deadline

Applications to the Master of Science (MS) program are generally available from October until May.  Applications are due no later than 5:00pm PDT on May 1 to begin study the following Autumn Quarter.

Minimum Requirements to Apply to the MS Program

  • We do not require the GRE for any of our graduate programs
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for the last 90 graded quarter credits
  • Meeting Essential Behaviors for graduate students
  • If your native language is not English, proof of English language proficiency (reading, writing and comprehension)
  • If you are an International applicant and plan to take clinical nursing courses, an active unrestricted US registered nursing (RN) license at time of application, and a Washington State RN license to begin program will be required. If you do not plan to enroll in clinical nursing (NCLIN) courses, RN licensure is not required for the Master of Science program.

Additional Requirements for Applicants Admitted to the MS Program

If you are admitted to the MS program, there are a few additional requirements that must be completed before you matriculate into the program.  You must:

Required Application Materials

  1. MS application instructions
  2. MS application checklist
  3. Online MS application, including the School of Nursing Graduate School Application Supplemental Form
  4. Current resume
  5. 3 letters of recommendation
  6. Responses to the admissions questions (see instructions for prompts)
  7. Completed Background Check, Authorization for Repeat Checks, and Dissemination of Results form
  8. Official transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended; foreign transcripts must include translated evaluations
  9. Copies of English competency scores (reading, writing, and comprehension), if applicable