Funding Opportunities for Graduate Applicants

Are you interested in being nominated for specific funding sources?  Some funding sources require the UW School of Nursing to formally nominate a student.  Help us help you get you extra funding!

Note that these funding sources do not allow you to apply directly.  Consider submitting a letter with your School of Nursing application.  Email the letter to, identifying the source(s) of funding for which you would like to be considered.  Be specific about why you would be a good candidate and match for the funding source’s stipulations.  Read the descriptions of funding below and contact Student and Academic Services ( with any questions.

We welcome your interest in extra funding and want to facilitate any additional funding support possible!

All Graduate Applicants

Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) Research Assistantship

The Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) Award is a merit-based research assistantship designed to increase the quality of education and research at the University of Washington by assisting departments in developing a diverse community of scholars. The School of Nursing can nominate any Master of Nursing, Master of Science, Doctor of Nursing Practice, or Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science applicants who are:

  1. Underrepresented minority students who have achieved academic merit despite significant obstacles in their pursuit of higher education;
  2. Students who are the first generation to attend undergraduate or graduate school; and
  3. Students whose academic participation, scholarship and research explore and support cultural diversity.

Learn more about the Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program at:

PhD Applicants Only

The Blalock Fellowship

This fellowship is awarded by the Center for Statistics and Social Sciences (CSSS). Candidates are nominated by their admitting department, and awards are decided by the CSSS Graduate Committee. The fellowship is a one-time $3,000 graduate student award, which is additional to any other support or fellowships that student receives. This fellowship honors Hubert M. Blalock, who was a leading social statistician and sociological methodologist at UW, a former President of the American Sociological Association and one of the founding faculty members of the Statistics department here, as well as a longtime Professor of Sociology at the university.

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Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS)

ARCS Foundation advances science and technology in the United States by providing financial awards to academically outstanding U.S. citizens studying to complete degrees in science, engineering and medical research (bench science).  You must be an applicant to the PhD program in order to be considered for nomination.  Applicants must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

A Seattle Chapter ARCS Foundation Fellowship is an opportunity to contribute to America’s scientific and economic future by supporting the best and brightest of our nation’s science and engineering graduate students, whose rigorous academic endeavors and cutting-edge research are opening pathways to scientific discoveries that will benefit our state, our nation, and our world. A Seattle Chapter Fellowship is a direct grant of $17,500 over three years that can be used at the scholar’s own discretion.  The Fellowship augments what the University of Washington is able to offer PhD applicants, enabling the university to successfully recruit graduate students with outstanding academic records.

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