Financial Support Testimonials

The financial support that I received from the UW School of Nursing was overwhelming. It paid for my tuition and books and helped me afford child care for my daughter. Without this money, I would not have been able to focus on my studies or pursue my dreams of becoming a critical care nurse.

- Justin D.

I am very appreciative of the trust you put on me all these years while in the Nursing School by selecting me as the recipient of scholarships/financial support. It motivated me to start every quarter with less economic concerns and to focus on my learning process. Currently, I am in my fourth PhD year and writing my dissertation. Your support allowed me to get to this point of my education without interruptions. It has also inspired me to support others in the future as you did with me. Thank you very much for all your contribution to my education.

- Daisy G.

The School of Nursing was very helpful by working with me to make sure that I kept my head above water. Attending the ABSN program has been very rewarding, but also is a huge financial strain. On top of that, Seattle is a pretty expensive place to live. Laura Mason and the SoN gladly listen to my financial struggles and actually came up with viable solutions. It's refreshing to have a group of people that truly care about you and make your education a priority. I am grateful to have such a helpful group of advocates working with me and my classmates in the SoN.

- Kelsey G.

By responsively working with me to identify and meet my financial needs, the School of Nursing alleviated my tuition woes and allowed me to shift my full attention to my nursing education by supporting me with a scholarship.  I owe my continued pursuit of the ABSN program and a nursing career to the kind, conscientious individuals who secured scholarship and loan funding to support my academic efforts.  Thank you to the School of Nursing for the freedom to prioritize clinical knowledge, academic performance and networking over basic worries about bills and food!

- Samuel H.

My education was not cheap, but it was one of my wisest investments.  From helping me find scholarships to fund my education, to helping me find opportunities for professional development, I found unfaltering support from School of Nursing staff and faculty.

- Jason M.

I just wanted to share some exciting news with you: I've officially accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at Saint Xavier University in Chicago! I start in August! I wanted to let you know that your support throughout my (almost five) years of study has meant the world to me!  Without the financial resources like NFLP I never would have been able to get to where I am! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Shannon S.