Financial Support Searching Strategies

  1. If possible, begin your scholarship search before you start classes.
  2. Use numerous scholarship search engines on the internet. These sites will search for scholarships that fit your specific profile. Start searching with more general keywords, and then make your query more specific. For example, begin with nurse, nurses, nursing, then specify acute care, nurse midwifery, psychosocial, etc.
  3. BEWARE when researching scholarship opportunities. Many companies make unrealistic claims about finding scholarship money for students. Before you give your credit card number to anyone, read what the Federal Trade Commission is doing to crack down on fraudulent companies.
  4. Look at our list of private foundations and organizations that have offered scholarships in the past to Nursing students.
  5. If you plan to use books to research scholarship opportunities, be especially careful to use up-to-date publications. Some sources will carry general scholarship information.
  6. The University of Washington Health Sciences Library offers an online service for those seeking funding as they pursue health-related education. On the left side of the page click "Grant Seeker Toolkit". There are many search engines, including Community of Science (COS) and IRIS.
  7. Visit the University of Washington Suzzallo Library where they have information on grants in print. A local college or public library may have similar information.