Graduate Program Evaluation Position

50% Academic Student Employee (ASE)


June 11, 2014 @ 2:00pm

Primary Responsibility

Under the supervision of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (SAS) and in collaboration with the Chairs of the Master’s Coordinating Committee (MCC), DNP Coordinating Committee (DNPCC), and PhD Coordinating Committee (PHDCC), modify and implement evaluation protocol; enter evaluation data from questionnaires; manage the database; analyze data; and write reports upon request for the Master’s and doctoral programs at the UW School of Nursing.

Job Duties

  • Collect, analyze, and report program evaluation data from students and other School stakeholders, including development, testing, distribution, and collection of program evaluation questionnaires, entry of data into MS ACCESS database, and preparation of an annual written report of MN, MS, DNP, and PhD data.
  • Master’s End-Program Evaluation (EPE) and Scholarly Inquiry Scale (SIS): Prepare the EPE questionnaire, the SIS (MS and MN separate), and instructions into a package. Send the package to the Graduate Program Advisor (GPA) to distribute to students with warrants/verification of degree forms. Check the mailbox marked “Graduate Program Evaluation ASE” in SAS periodically for returned questionnaires.  Enter EPE and SIS responses into a MS Excel database.  Check with the GPA periodically to assure an adequate supply of evaluation packages. Remind the students to fill out the EPE questionnaire and get the completed SIS from his/her chairperson. Check if the SIS has been completed by the thesis/project chair for each student. If not, send a copy of SIS with student’s name and ID or an email reminder including the WebQ Survey URL for SIS to the faculty for completion (including a memo). At the end of the quarter, gather a list of graduated students from the GPA and send out a reminder email to graduated students to fill out the EPE if they have not yet done so.
  • Master’s Clinical competency evaluation: On the 10th day of each quarter, gather NCLIN student lists from SAS. Send email to track lead faculty member or clinical placement coordinator to identify students in their last clinical rotation. Enter the student information into a database, merge it with the Clinical Scale (CS), and send the package or an email reminder including the WebQ Survey URL for CS to faculty responsible for the NCLINs. One week before the end of the quarter, send a reminder to the faculty member if the CS has not been returned. Enter the completed CS data into MS EXCEL evaluation database.
  • Master’s Graduate Follow-Up and Colleague Evaluation: Get graduated student lists from SAS every summer. Prepare questionnaires for alumni (MS and MN separate) and their supervisory colleague, with a cover letter in a package.  Send the package by U.S. Mail or email (email preferred) to alumni at their 1st, 3rd, and 5th year after completing the Master’s program. Send out a reminder postcard or email to alumni two weeks after mailing out the questionnaire. Enter this survey data, download Web-based survey data, and merge in MS ACCESS database.
  • PhD Evaluation:  Modify evaluation tools currently under development: PhD Scholarly Inquiry Scale, PhD Graduate Follow-up Questionnaire, and PhD Colleague Evaluation. Use these tools to collect evaluation data from students, faculty, graduates, and work supervisors of graduates. Enter data in a MS EXCEL database.
  • DNP Evaluation: Modify evaluation tools currently under development: DNP Practice Inquiry Scale, DNP Graduate Follow-up Questionnaire, and DNP Colleague Evaluation. Use these tools to collect evaluation data from students, faculty, graduates, and work supervisors of graduates. Enter data in a MS EXCEL database.
  • Other responsibilities: Get new student lists (name, ID, email, focal area) from SAS each autumn, then enter the data into MS EXCEL database. Get new track lead faculty list from SAS each Autumn so that the faculty members can be asked for help in identifying MN students in their last clinical quarter. Regularly report program evaluation to committee chairs through Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Present program evaluation results in committee meetings upon request. Assist in other committee activities upon request. Analyze the data and write draft reports upon request (data will need to be converted into other database such as SPSS for further analysis).

Knowledge & Skills Needed

Knowledge of instrument development and testing, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, computer skills including MS WORD, Excel, ACCESS, and SPSS, and online surveys (web-based tools, especially WebQ, Dreamweaver, Contribute). Organized with good interpersonal skills. Self-motivated. Able to work independently and be productive. Take the initiative to ask questions or suggest improvements.


Begins Summer Quarter 2014: July 1, 2014 – June 15, 2015.   Exact dates and hours of employment will be arranged between the Dr. Baker and the student.  The position has the availability of the student being reappointed each quarter for two (2) years pending job performance and funding.


Please address cover letter to Dr. Margaret Baker, Associate Dean, School of Nursing, send letter and resume to Laura Mason via email at, with” Graduate Program Evaluation ASE” in the subject line, by Wednesday, June 11, 2014, at 2:00p.   


Appointment is governed by a union contract.  In order to maintain eligibility for your appointment and its benefits, you will need to enroll in at least 10 credits each academic quarter and 2 credits during the summer quarter.

Non-U.S. citizens hired to perform teaching duties must (1) meet English language proficiency requirements and (2) participate fully in the International Teaching Assistant Program at the Center for Instructional Development and Research (CIDR). Documentation will be requested prior to appointment. 

Tuition Coverage

If applicable, tuition will be paid from category Graduate Tier I rate (operating and technology fees) for PCE-based students.  Please visit the OPB site for the most up-to-date information, including tuition and related fees: All tuition-based (WA State) students will be paid at their program rate.

Special Requirement

You can elect to join UW/GSEAC Academic Student Employee (ASE) union. For more information see website:

The University of Washington is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. To request disability accommodation in the application process, contact the Disability Services Office at (206) 543-6450 / (206) 543-6452 (TTY) or