What it Means to be on the Waitlist

Many applicants received letters stating that they were on a waitlist along with what position on the waitlist they hold. This particular admissions update is relevant to anyone who was placed on a waitlist.

The UW School of Nursing (SoN) has extremely limited space in all degree programs. Frequently, offers of admission are made to competitive applicants and for any reason, their plans may change or they decide to accept an offer from another School. If an admitted applicant forfeits her/his offer of admission, the SoN then contacts the next person on the waitlist. Unfortunately, because the SoN has no control over any individual's plan to accept an offer of admission, there is no way for the SoN to know IF and/or exactly when a space will open up for anyone who is waitlisted. There are many items to consider in addition to the instructions stated in your letter:

  1. The SoN makes offers from the waitlist until the last possible date where a prospective student can realistically meet compliance requirements necessary to begin the program. Sometimes, students are admitted off the waitlist all the way into the beginning of Summer Quarter.
  2. Waitlist lengths are limited to a number that is realistic in terms of how many spaces we think may open up any given year. In other words, we do not want to 'tow anyone along.' If you were offered a waitlist slot, the faculty believe there is a possibility that space may open up and you could be offered a spot in the program.
  3. If a space opens up for you, we contact you immediately by phone and by email. If you do not hear from us, you can assume that there is no space at this time. If your contact information has or will be changing from what you submitted in your application, make sure you let us know.
  4. Historically, there is no consistent pattern and thus, there is no way to predict exactly how a waitlist will run for a program or track. Some years, we go through the entire waitlist. Some years, only a few spots open up. It is rare that everyone who is made an offer of admission accepts it.

We look forward to contacting you as soon as a space does become available for you!