Role of the MN Supervisory Committee

The Master of Nursing student's Supervisory Committee:

  1. signs the completed Faculty Agreement to Serve on Supervisory Committee form;
  2. works together with the student to develop, conduct and present the thesis or scholarly project, including planning course work;
  3. keeps a written log of student progress in the student file;
  4. approves and signs, at onset and again at completion, either 1) the Master's Project Initial Plan and Final Product Report form or 2) the Thesis Permission and Progress Report form;
  5. guides research for the thesis or activities for completion of the scholarly project;
  6. administers the master's final examination according to UW Graduate School procedures;
  7. at the final examination, signs Application for Degree (warrant), Verification of Degree form, and either the signature page (2) for thesis or the Master's Project Initial Plan and Final Product Report; and
  8. at the final examination, completes and seals in the envelope provided, the MN or MS Program Evaluation: Scholarly Inquiry Scale.