Requesting a Site Change

To ensure the best learning experience possible, every attempt is made to match your learning needs with available clinical opportunities. Because removing a student from a site can be confusing and emotional for all parties, sensitive and thoughtful decisions are required before making any change in placement.


Students who have concerns or notice potential problems communicate with their faculty/course advisor. When a preceptor, student, or faculty advisor identifies a concern with a particular placement, the situation is carefully evaluated. This evaluation is a joint effort and must include input from the preceptor, faculty/course advisor, and the student before a site change is requested. Faculty and staff will then determine the required course of action. Students are encouraged to continue working with their preceptor during this process.

Reasons for Requesting a Clinical Site Change

  • site exceeds students current skill level
  • site doesn't meet course objectives/limited preceptor availability
  • student feels intimidated

Steps for Requesting a Clinical Site Change

  1. Dialogue is initiated between you, your faculty/course advisor, and your preceptor to clarify the issues. It is helpful for you and your preceptor to review your clinical objectives. Every attempt must be made to keep you in the current clinical site with hopes that ongoing dialogue will resolve issues.
  2. Your faculty/course advisor makes a site visit. Alternatively, the faculty/course advisor initiates a conversation with your preceptor. During these discussions your will continue to attend the clinical site.
  3. You, your faculty/course advisor, and your preceptor will identify the best course of action.
  4. If, as a result of this process, a site change is needed and you leave a site prior to the end of the quarter, your faculty/course advisor is responsible for contacting the preceptor to inform him/her of the change.
  5. Your faculty/course advisor will inform the Clinical Site Program Coordinator of the final outcome so the placement database can be updated.