PhD Student & Program Evaluations

The PhD Coordinating Committee (PhDCC) is responsible for program evaluation of the PhD degree program. Using four tools (Post-General Examination Program Evaluation, PhD Scholarly Inquiry Scale, PhD Graduate Follow-up Questionnaire, and PhD Colleague Evaluation), evaluation data are collected from students, faculty, graduates, and work supervisors of graduates. These tools measure specific outcomes related to the PhD program's curriculum outcomes, which are derived by examining each program's curricular objectives in relation to major curricular threads. Three or four outcomes are selected to evaluate each of the five curricular objectives since evaluating all 35 outcomes in the matrix is not feasible.

The PhDCC and each department in the School review the program evaluation data annually. When indicated, the PhDCC appoints work groups to address areas of desired curricular change. Summary information regarding program evaluation is communicated annually in PhDCC's Annual Report to the School of Nursing Faculty Council and to all graduate faculty when indicated.

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PhD Program Evaluation Forms

Current PhD Students

  • Post-General Examination Program Evaluation: Online | Word

Faculty of Graduating PhDs

PhD Alumni

  • PhD Alumni Follow-up Questionnaire: OnlineWord
  • PhD Alumni Colleague Evaluation: Currently Closed

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