PhD Program Administration

Graduate School

The PhD in Nursing Science program, like all graduate programs at the University, is under the supervision of the University of Washington Graduate School. The Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School are the chief administrative officers. University policies and procedures on admissions, registration, and graduate degree requirements are described in the University of Washington General Catalog. Each doctoral student is responsible for knowing these policies and procedures.

School of Nursing

The chief administrative officer of the School of Nursing is the Dean. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs carries delegated administrative responsibility for the program. The Associate Dean serves as the link between the Graduate School and the School of Nursing, and also coordinates the PhD program with on-going graduate offerings in the School. Appointments can be made with the Associate Dean or her designate at any time students have concerns related to the program. In instances in which the Associate Dean, Supervisory Committee, or student have concerns about the program, these concerns can be referred to the PhD Coordinating Committee.

The PhD Coordinating Committee (PhDCC) is comprised of graduate faculty of the School of Nursing who have expertise in the program's curriculum, including three departmental representatives plus the elected chair. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (or a designee) is an ex officio member of the committee. The PhDCC also includes doctoral student representatives from each cohort. Student representatives have one collective vote regardless of the number of student representatives serving on the Committee. Students who are interested in serving on the Committee are encouraged to identify themselves to any faculty or student representative to PhDCC. The Committee meets once a month and the usual term of service is two years; we strongly urge students from each cohort to participate.

The responsibilities of the Committee include admission of students in keeping with the School of Nursing Admissions Diversity Statement, orientation of students and faculty to the program, annual review of the progress of all students toward program completion, and ongoing review of the curriculum with recommendations for changes as needed. The PhDCC also provides consultation to administrative faculty on teaching assignments and resources needed for the program.