Nursing Careers

Why choose a career in nursing?

A nursing career offers limitless opportunities.  Nurses work with people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and lifestyles to help them achieve the highest level of wellness possible.  Nurses provide and manage care in a variety of settings, such as:

  • clinics
  • convalescent centers
  • corporations
  • correctional facilities
  • emergency rooms
  • homes
  • hospitals
  • mental health and substance abuse treatment centers
  • military bases
  • schools
  • sporting events
  • summer camps
  • worldwide health agencies

Nurses teach people to promote and maintain their own wellness and to prevent illness.  Nurses apply principles of physical, biological and psychosocial sciences as they work with individuals, families, and communities.  Using scientific theory and methods, through observation and assessment, nurses make clinical judgments, provide and manage care, and teach people about healthy living and symptom management.  Nurses who earn baccalaureate and advanced degrees are also prepared for leadership positions, independent practitioner roles, and nursing research.

A career in nursing offers a lifetime of rewarding challenges and opportunities.  Consider a career that offers professional independence, public respect and trust, high-tech/high-touch experiences, and a host of personal rewards that come to people helping other people.


Interested in applying? 

Talk to nurses you know about their careers, see your school counselor or nurse, or come to the University of Washington Seattle campus to visit us.