Master's in Passing

If you began study in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program prior to Autumn 2013 (e.g., DNP 1.0) and have not already earned a Master of Nursing (MN) degree from the University of Washington, you have the option to earn an MN while you are enrolled in the DNP program. To do so, you maintain your DNP student status while fulfilling the requirements for this "MN in Passing." At no time will you be considered an MN student.

This option is not available to DNP students who enrolled in the program beginning Autumn 2013 or later (DNP 2.0).

The requirements for earning your MN degree are very similar to the requirements for enrolled MN students. If you wish to pursue an MN in passing, follow these steps:

  1. Establish your DNP supervisory committee. Your DNP supervisory committee will oversee your MN as well as your DNP work.
  2. Review the Master of Nursing degree requirements with your supervisory committee chair to ensure that you will complete the requirements to earn an MN.
  3. Decide, with your committee, to complete either a master's thesis or a scholarly project.
  4. Read the master's student thesis/project web page for information on the requirements for your thesis or scholarly project.
  5. During your final quarter of taking thesis or MN project credits, follow these four steps from the MN final quarter requirements web page:
    1. Submit your Master's Degree Request; indicate that you are a doctoral student
    2. Meet with your Committee Chair
    3. Schedule your final exam
    4. If you are receiving financial support, complete the Graduate Degree Confirmation form
    5. Turn in your paperwork to Student and Academic Services