Past Capstone Projects

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Spring 2014

Assessing the potential of a community partnership to build advocacy and increase capacity for the advancement of global health programs
Evaluation of Clients' Experience at a Homeless Hygiene Center
Fire Department Community Assistance Referral Education & Services: Non-emergent Nurse Responder Level of Care Decision-making Algorithm

Autumn 2013

Delivery of Culturally Appropriate Diabetes Prevention Programs

Summer 2013

Updating the Definition of Public Health Nursing

Spring 2013

Training Development for Community Agencies to Improve Partnerships with Tribal Communities in the Pacific Northwest to Address Health Disparities
Recruitment and Retention Strategies for a Native American Elders' Walking Program

Winter 2013

Current Practices in School Health Data Collection

Autumn 2012

Disseminating Public Health Practice-Based Research Findings

Spring 2012

Covington Walks: A Community-based Walking Intervention to Promote Physical Activity in Older Adults
Engaging the Community for Policy Development
Pilot Testing and Process Evaluation of a Head Lice Education ProgramĀ for a Low-Income, Multicultural Grade School Population
Recommendations for a Culturally Appropriate Evaluation Design for a Pacific Northwest Native American Community Coalition
SMS 4 LTBI: Text Message Reminders to Increase Appointment Attendance and Improve Medication Adherence among Patients with Latent Tuberculosis Infection