DNP Program of Study

Your program of study consists of core DNP program requirements plus courses recommended by your advisor or supervisory committee based on your interests.

Developing Your Program of Study

  1. Beginning the first quarter of your doctoral program, you should maintain an ongoing program of study listing the courses you are taking and plan to take.
  2. Once your Supervisory Committee has been appointed, you will work with your committee to finalize the program of study to include any future coursework.
  3. The program of study is then submitted to your supervisory committee for formal review and approval.
  4. Your supervisory committee uses the School of Nursing Guidelines for Program of Study Approval to review your program of study.
  5. After your supervisory committee approves your program of study, you must submit a signed hard copy and electronic copy to Student and Academic Services for your student file.

Guidelines for Approval of the Program of Study

The Supervisory Committee evaluates the proposed program of study using the following guidelines:

  1. Does the coursework support the student's goals and interests?
  2. Are the courses logically consistent for the described program of study?
  3. To what extent does the program provide a) depth of study as well as preparation beyond the single capstone project planned, and b) role development as a Doctor of Nursing Practice?
  4. Are all program and track requirements met? Does the program of study comply with all University rules and regulations?
  5. Is it feasible to implement and complete the program of study in a timely manner?
  6. If courses are proposed that were taken at another University or for another program of study (e.g. master's), do they represent adequate content? Is the content appropriately current?