Hilary Jauregui

Hi! My name is Hilary Jauregui (how-duh-gee). I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon, and moved up to Seattle with my (now) husband, Manuel, eight years ago. We have a delightful daughter, Amaya, who was born in 2010. 

I finished my first bachelor’s in psychology in 2004 at Western Oregon University. I had never considered nursing as a career option before, but over the next few years as I researched PhD and MD programs, I stumbled upon the holistic and caring field of nursing and everything clicked. I started the MEPN program in 2008 and finished my Master in Nursing (in Psychiatric Nursing) in June of 2012. 

I have two passions – maternal-child health and culturally competent healthcare. For my master’s project, I developed a training to help practitioners engage in culturally competent psychiatric nursing. My nursing experience has been in public health and women’s health. 

I am in the CHN DNP, with a focus on cross-cultural and global health. I am excited to further develop my skills in these critically important areas for creating true change in people’s health and to integrate some international work into the program. I am working on learning Spanish (my husband is from Mexico, and my daughter is learning Spanish quickly!) and I am particularly interested in working in Mexico and with Spanish-speaking communities in the Seattle area.