Angela Dickson

Hi! I am a native Washingtonian with southern roots. I received my ADN a really long time ago and never dreamed I would go back to school let alone graduate school at the UW. I am really just an old ICU night shift nurse. J  I currently manage an Infection Prevention program in a small community hospital. I would like to see the acute care sickness model and public health wellness model become more integrated, which is why I chose a CHN path at UW.

My BSN program at Linfield College nourished my passion for community health and underserved populations both locally and globally. During that time I was a visionary and team leader for a grassroots free clinic startup and I did an international clinical to Guatemala for my senior project.  The experience in Guatemala was a defining moment for me. My current passion is for people with HIV and TB in Uganda and I would like to pursue work there. I especially look forward to the cross-cultural and global health curriculum.

For fun I enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 kids, doing yoga, and riding my Harley-Davidson motorcycle.