Master of Science (MS)

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Students in the UW School of Nursing’s Master of Science (MS) degree program specialize in Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies (CIPCT). MS-CIPCT students will learn about information technology (IT) tools available for use in the clinical setting and how to integrate those tools efficiently and effectively to improve care. Students will develop skills to become a technology leader in the healthcare field where there is an increasing need for experts in both clinical processes and healthcare information systems.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Evaluate current and future Health Information Technology (HIT) needs and recommend solutions
  • Identify barriers, challenges, and solutions in HIT adoption
  • Interface with developers to ensure IT implemented for clinical use is effective and user-friendly
  • Manage adoption and use of patient-centered technologies
  • Assess performance of information systems in patient care
  • Improve the flow of patient information through disparate units in an organization

You do not need an undergraduate degree in nursing in order to apply to the MS-CIPCT program.  Ideal applicants will hold a bachelor’s degree and have at least 1 year of experience in health care delivery.


MS-CIPCT applications are due May 1 each year to begin study the following Autumn Quarter.


Flexible Study for Working Professionals

The MS-CIPCT program is designed to fit into the schedules of busy professionals. In fact, the MS-CIPCT program is the only UW School of Nursing program that can be completed entirely online, with the exception of a mandatory on-campus orientation held over one weekend per year.  MS-CIPCT students may also elect to go part-time, adding to the flexibility of this program.

All required courses are taught online, accessible from one’s home or office.  Students can interact in real time with faculty and peers via web conference or asynchronously through email and discussion boards.  Students interested in applying can learn more about our CIPCT Curriculum and the Distance Learning options that are available online.


Learn from and Work with Leading Researchers and Practitioners

Master of Science Clinical Informatics students can complete the program in as little as 15 months with full-time study, or 2 years with part-time study.  MS-CIPCT students are assigned a faculty advisor to provide advice and guidance throughout his or her program of study, and will work with multiple faculty members to complete a scholarly research project.

At the MS-CIPCT Annual Meeting and Orientation (held in September each year), new MS-CIPCT students are given an orientation to the program and the UW Graduate School.  Here they meet other new students, as well as continuing students, and participate in a variety of training activities and educational sessions.  CIPCT faculty invite guest speakers for an afternoon to share information about current research and events affecting the informatics field in general.


Clinical Informatics Graduates in the Field

Graduates from our MS-CIPCT program hold diverse roles in healthcare settings around the country:

  • Implementation support and planning, including end-user training
  • Project management and clinical data reporting
  • Electronic medical record system analyst
  • Informatics consulting (typically employed by a vendor)
Program Accreditation: 

The Master of Science degree at the University of Washington is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (