Clinical Course Hours

Clinical Course


NCLIN 302: Health Assessment30 hours skills lab
NCLIN 306: Basic Skills of Nursing Practice30 hours skills lab, 64 hours clinical experience, 10 hours interactive in-class sessions, plus orientation and preparation hours
NCLIN 403: Practicum - Pediatric Nursing12 hours orientation and onboarding, 70 hours clinical experience, 21 hours clinical prep, 12 hours pediatric labs and lab prep
NCLIN 407: Practicum - Nursing Care of Ill Adults150 hours clinical & skills lab (includes clinical prep)
NCLIN 409: Partnerships in Community Health20 hours seminar, 80 hours clinical experience, 20 hours independent work
NCLIN 411: Transition to Professional Practice240 hours skills & clinical experience
NCLIN 416: Nursing of Families - Childbearing and Childrearing120 hours clinical & skills lab
NCLIN 418: Psychosocial Nursing120 hours clinical & skills lab
 TOTAL: 890 hours