Practice Doctorate Capstone Projects

Practice Doctorate Project/Capstone

Practice doctorate projects are systematic investigations of questions about practice and therapies that evaluate and/or translate all forms of evidence into practice. Each student collaborates with an agency to address a real-world clinical problem or health issue. Most often, a student will be engaged in only one phase or step of translating evidence into practice.

Examples of capstone projects include:

  • appraising evidence and making recommendations of adapting clinical guidelines to the unique population or characteristics of a specific clinic
  • disseminating the latest evidence by training staff
  • completion of a needs assessment
  • implementing changes
  • evaluating the impact of a change in practice or new protocol
  • program evaluation

Every DNP student is required to complete a capstone project.

Completed Capstone Projects

You may view a list of past capstone projects that graduates from the UW DNP program have completed.

DNP 1.0 Students (Pre-Autumn 2013 Start)

A minimum of 12 credits of NMETH 801: Practice Doctorate Project/Capstone is required. Implementation of the capstone project may begin after written approval by the supervisory committee.

DNP 2.0 Students (Autumn 2013 Start and Later)

DNP Practice Doctorate Capstones require 6 credits of NMETH 801: Practice Doctorate Project/Capstone and 9 credits of NCLIN 801 Practice Doctorate Clinical Immersion (total 15 credits).  You complete 3 credits of NMETH 801 each in autumn and winter quarters and NCLIN 801 in winter quarter only.