ABSN Curriculum & Program Goals

The ABSN curriculum takes place in five consecutive quarters, including summers and prepares professional nurses as generalists in clinical practice. This professional program builds on a foundation of knowledge in science, humanities and related professional disciplines.

ABSN Curriculum

ABSN Course Substitutions Policy

ABSN students are required to conform to the published pre-RN curriculum. Course substitutions, appeals, waivers, out-of-sequence courses, extracurricular, or non-PCE courses are not allowed.

Program Goals for the ABSN

  1. Communicate clearly and succinctly in speech and in writing.
  2. Promote effective communication between clients from various sociocultural and linguistic backgrounds and representatives of the health care and social service systems.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking, clinical decision making and psychomotor skills necessary for safe and competent practice.
  4. Demonstrate cultural sensitivity as shown by thought processes and behavior.
  5. Provide nursing care that preserves and enhances client's dignity and perceived goodness of fit with the immediate and expected environments.
  6. Integrate methods of research and scholarship in making and prioritizing diagnoses, and in planning, implementing and evaluating care of individuals, groups, and communities.
  7. Assess health and incorporate principles and methods of health promotion and health education in nursing care of individuals, groups, and communities.
  8. Accept accountability for own expertise and for using that expertise to influence systems of care and health care policy.
  9. Demonstrate comfort with requirements for adaptation to changes in care settings.
  10. Demonstrate awareness of limitations in knowledge and actively seek learning opportunities to continue competent practice.