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Get Involved at the UW School of Nursing

There are a lot of ways to get involved outside the classroom at the School of Nursing! Consider sitting on the committee for your degree program as a student representative, join the Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society, or collaborate with SoN faculty on various research projects through the School.

Check out the student leadership groups available to your degree program. For more information, contact the student group leader(s) listed.

Participation in School of Nursing Committees

There are many standing and ad hoc committees in the School of Nursing that need student representation each year, including Curriculum Coordinating Committees for the BSN, Masters and Doctoral programs. Student representatives to serve on these committees are solicited annually via email, and representatives are chosen from those who express interest. Undergraduates may also be selected through PONS, the Professional Organization of Nursing Students. Also, graduate students can be selected by their fellow students to represent the School of Nursing in the Graduate & Professional Student Senate, a university-wide organization.

The School of Nursing highly values student input and believes the student viewpoint adds an important dimension to those committees. Please watch for and act upon this opportunity to become involved. Interested students should contact Patrick Tufford ( for pre-licensure programs or Betsy Mau ( for graduate programs.

Research Projects

Students at UW are encouraged to participate with faculty on research projects. A full database of active projects is maintained by the Office for Nursing Research, and additional opportunities are available below. Students who wish to complete Human Subjects Training acceptable to the University of Washington should complete the Social/Behavioral Course (not the student course) of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative.

Sigma Theta Tau

Sigma Theta Tau is the National Honor Society of Nursing. Psi Chapter is the University of Washington sponsored chapter and was formed to recognize and promote scholarship and leadership in the profession. The PSI chapter founded at the University of Washington became the PSI chapter-at-large January 1, 1991 and now represents the University of Washington, Pacific Lutheran University and Seattle Pacific University. Eligible undergraduate students include those who have completed half of the nursing component of the baccalaureate curriculum, rank in the top one-third of their graduating class and show evidence of leadership. Graduate students with bachelor's degrees in nursing are also eligible to apply for membership. Informational meetings are held each year prior to the application deadline. Notice of those meetings, as well as how to obtain an application, will be posted via email to all students.