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Graduate Clinical Requirements: VA Puget Sound Health Systems

Paperwork to Complete - 6 weeks before your rotation submit paperwork to your clinical instructor. Please carefully read the VA Instructions. ( Please type all paperwork).



3. Declaration for federal employment (Form 306)


5. Training Certificate

** you will recieve an email from Academic Services that will include the most recent paperwork attachments, after we receive your clinical placement confirmation from your Clinical Placement Coordinator.

Computer Training and Badging Information

1. All nursing students are required to complete VA Mandatory Training for Trainees (MTT) prior to clinical rotation. Trainees must self-enroll in Talent Management System (TMS) in order to complete this required training. Please note: Link to training is provided below. It is imperative that students follow the directions on how to self-enroll in TMS or they risk serious delay in regards to on boarding process. Self-enroll by creating your TMS profile at Once you are at the TMS website, follow the steps listed on page 2-3 to create your profile to launch the mandatory training course.  complete the content and print out the Certificate of Completion. Turn in your certificate of completion to Jenn Rathe with the rest of your paperwork 6 weeks before the start of the quarter.

2. Badging process requires two scheduled appointments (schedules) with our VAPSHCS Human Resource office:

1st appointment:
Email your Clinical Placement coordinator in regards to your 1st appointment for your clinical. You are required to bring two forms of IDs (Picture ID and Non-Picture ID). Please refer to the email attachment: PIV ID Proofing Criteria. Please note ID must be current, non-expired, and match information on WOC form.
2nd appointment:
Human Resource staff will schedule a date for the 2nd appointment 2nd appointment will be scheduled as a group in which students will have their photo taken and pick up badge.
5. Once you are fingerprinted, please follow up with Tracye Wilson ( to schedule a date and time for computer access training.

Please do NOT contact the VA to re-schedule any appointments. Your training is Mandatory. Failure in not showing up for badging or fingerprinting can result in a delayed placement.


Please contact Jenn Rathe in Academic Services or 206-221-2457. You can also contact your Clinical Placement Coordinator.

Returning Students/Employee's at VA

Please email Charmayne Anderson at the VA for onboarding requirements; Charmayne will need to meet with you prior to your rotation to review objectives. You will be required to work outside of your normal hours and outside of your unit.

Jenn Rathe will send in your WOC form to reactivate your badge and TMS account.