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Graduate Clinical Requirements: Neighborcare

Neighborcare covers the following sites:

    45th Street Medical, Denny Wellness Center, Greenwood Medical Clinic, High Point Medical Clinic, Joe Whiting Medical, Madison Wellness Center, Pike Market Medical Clinic, Rainier Beach Medical Clinic, Rainier Park Medical Clinic, Roosevelt Youth Health Center, Sealth Teen Health Center, Seattle/Denny Teen Health Center, Vista Community Health Center, and West Seattle Student Health Center

Deadline/Where to Return Paperwork (if Applicable)

30 days prior to your rotation start date. Return forms directly to Neighborcare.

Paperwork to Complete

An integral part of Neighborcare Health Quality Improvement Program is the credentialing of all licensed or registered staff to include locums, students, and volunteers. All providers (primary care, dentistry, midwifery, behavioral health, etc.) are required to complete the credentialing process.

You can download the packet here.

Please complete and sign:

  1. Credentialing Profile
  2. Statement of Confidentiality
  3. Abuse Questionnaire
  4. Authorization for collection & disclosure of info
  5. Washington State Patrol Form
  6. Anti-Harassment Policy
  7. Drug Free Workplace
  8. Memo of understanding
  9. Immunization Records Form

Return the above forms to Neighborcare Health Credentialing Department with a copy of your current RN license (large format, not wallet size) and a Narcotics Registration Certificate (DEA), if applicable.

Contact the Site

Huyen Savage
Neighborcare Health
905 Spruce Street, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 548-3012
Fax: (206) 461-8382

Additional Site Requirements

  1. Get a copy of your immunization records from Hall Health on campus including most recent records of TB test and Hep B and turn them into Neighborcare. The immunizations may be transferred to the following form and signed there:
  2. Contact your preceptor to arrange any necessary computer training for documentation.

    Please make sure the forms are completely filled out or it will be returned and placements could be delayed.