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Graduate Clinical Requirements: Madigan Army Medical Center


4-6 weeks prior to your clinical rotation.

Contact the Site

Dean Romaker


Deputy Director, Clinical Nurse Transition Program Clinical Placement Coordinator, Graduate and Undergraduate Madigan Army Medical Center, WA 98431

Mobile: 419-575-1987

Office: 253-968-2945

Fax: 253-968-4129

Prior to orienting with CPT Romaker, he will e-mail you a password and user ID so you can complete Information Assurance training. He will also arrange an orientation time for you, where he will go over HIPAA training and give you a quick hospital orientation. He will also take you to the Provost Marshall's office to get your ID badge and parking pass.

If you wish to meet with your preceptor that same day, contact your preceptor in advance to see if this can be done.

Site Requirements

  1. Complete computer training once CPT Moore has sent you the user ID and password.
  2. Complete the student AMO once CPT Moore has sent you the AMO
  3. Attend site orientation. The process of orientation, getting a badge and car pass may take up to 4 hours.
  4. You must have personal health insurance in order to attend this clinical site. If you do not, it is your responsibility to e-mail your Clinical Placement Coordinator and inform them that you need to change your clinical site.

Additional Information

  • Commander's Code of Conduct
  • Map/Directions to MAMC
  • When you arrive at the main Fort Lewis gate, you will receive a 30-day pass. Once you inprocess through MAMC and receive your Madigan ID badge, return to the main Fort Lewis gate with the ID badge before your 30-day pass expires to receive a pass that will give you access for the remainder of your time at Madigan.

    Please note: Everyone in a car accessing Fort Lewis will need a valid photo ID. This means that if one person went through the process to get a vehicle pass, and the other 3 people in the car are riding along for clinicals, everyone in the car must have a current, non-expired picture ID.

The School of Nursing Will Provide to the Site:

  1. Letter of good standing
  2. Copy of Washington State Patrol background check