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Graduate Clinical Requirements: King County Jail Health Services

Deadline/Where to Return Paperwork

As soon as possible. Mail form to the site.

Paperwork to Complete


 King County Jail Packet Instructions

 King County Jail Non-DAJD Packet

Fill out the attached Non-DAJD Packet. The instructions for filling out the packet is also attached. Please return them to:

Nancy Barnum

Jail Health Services

401 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1000

Seattle, WA  98104

206.263.8327   Office

206.205.6236   Fax

Additional Site Requirements

Nancy is the HR Liaison for Jail Health Services (JHS). Once Nancy receives the packet, she'll forward them to DAJD (Dept. of Adult & Juvenile Detention -- the folks that actually own the jail). Nancy will then send instructions to you to call DAJD and set up an appointment to have fingerprints taken.  Once the fingerprint results are returned, then the background check starts.  It generally takes 7-15 days once the fingerprints have been returned.  Nancy will notify you and Miriam Philby (JHS Clinical Operations Administrator) when you have been cleared, with more instructions to make an appointment to come in and have photos taken.  These photos go into the DAJD database. When you come in to work, you will turn in your driver's license and the Sergeant at the reception area in the jail will give you an "H" badge.  This stands for “Health” and allows you to move about the facility as if you had an ID.