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Academic Services
Health Sciences Building, Room T-301
University of Washington School of Nursing
Phone: (206) 543-8736 or 1 (800) 759-NURS
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Eligibility to Participate in the School of Nursing Convocation

  1. All students (including BSN, MN, MS, DNP, PhD, and GCPAPN) who have graduated between the Summer Quarter and Spring Quarter prior to Convocation may participate in the School of Nursing Convocation.
  2. ABSN students may participate in the School of Nursing Convocation ceremony at the end of spring quarter during their ABSN program enrollment or the spring quarter following graduation.
  3. On a case by case basis, a graduate student who has:
    1. a committee-approved defense date (masters students) or final examination date (doctoral students) scheduled during Summer Quarter, AND
    2. has received confirmation in writing from his/her supervisory committee chair and if applicable, program advisor, that she/he has fulfilled all degree requirements such that it is possible to graduate Summer Quarter following Convocation must, NO LATER THAN 14 CALENDAR DAYS prior to Convocation, seek and receive approval from the Associate Dean of Academic Services, who will make the final decision about whether or not the student may participate in the Convocation ceremony. Students who have received such written permission from the Associate Dean 14 calendar days before the ceremony may participate in the School of Nursing Convocation.

    Revised January 2012
    Academic Services Memo No. 28