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Academic Services
Health Sciences Building, Room T-301
University of Washington School of Nursing
Phone: (206) 543-8736 or 1 (800) 759-NURS
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Academic Student Employee Appointments

This memorandum points to resources for any individual hiring graduate students for Academic Student Employee (ASE) positions in the School of Nursing.

All graduate appointments in the University of Washington must comply with the requirements detailed by the following websites:

  1. Executive Orders 28 and 30: Policy Governing Graduate Student Appointments
    1. Executive Order 28: Graduate Student Service Appointments is in the University Handbook, Volume IV, Chapter 6, pp. 34-39 at
    2. Executive Order 30: Graduate Student Fellowship and Traineeship Awards is in the University Handbook, Volume IV, Chapter 8, at
  2. Graduate School Memorandum No. 14: Departmental Responsibilities Regarding Instruction by TAs
  3. Graduate School Memorandum No. 15: Conditions of appointment for TAs who are not U.S. citizens
  4. UW-UAW Contract

School of Nursing Academic Student Employee (ASE) Resident Operating Fee Policy

This policy is effective September 9, 2011.

Note: For the 2011-2012 academic year,

  • Tier I resident operating fee is $3,903
  • Tech fee is $41

Definitions and Background

ASE Resident Operating Fee Policy

To determine eligibility for resident operating fee, see the Graduate School General Conditions of Appointment found at:

Tuition-based students, who are hired as ASEs (TAs/RAs/SAs) in the UW School of Nursing, receive a resident operating and tech fee waiver, and a waiver of the non-resident differential, if any, in the amount of the current tuition. This is the standard university practice.

Fee-based students who are hired as ASEs (TAs/RAs/SAs) in the UW School of Nursing receive course payments equal to Tier 1 resident operating and tech fee. This practice is consistent with the aforementioned OPB Brief.

Academic Services Memo No. 35