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Academic Services Memoranda

Memo 1: Schedule of Reviews
Memo 2: Student Clinical Evaluations
Memo 3: Advising Notes
Memo 4: Systematic Process to Determine Degree Program Effectiveness
Memo 6: The Warning Notice and Learning Contract: Notification to Student of Unsatisfactory Progress
Memo 7: Procedure for Handling Instructor/Faculty Illness or Unplanned Absence
Memo 9: Planned Student Absences
Memo 14: Reporting an Unusual Occurrence to a Patient
Memo 17: Undergraduate Student Grievance Procedure
Memo 21: Establishing Affiliation Agreements with Clinical Agencies
Memo 22: Student Health Policy
Memo 24: Complaint or Grievance Procedure for Graduate Students in the School of Nursing
Memo 25: Guidelines for Emergencies in Clinical Settings for Instructors of BSN Students
Memo 26: Recording Sensitive Student Information in Meeting Minutes
Memo 27: Essential Qualifications of Candidates for BSN, ABSN, & Pre-Licensure GEPN Admissions, Continuance & Graduation
Memo 28: Eligibility to Participate in the School of Nursing Convocation
Memo 29: Course Cancellation Policy
Memo 30: Employment of Graduate Students Receiving Federal Funding
Memo 31: Essential Behaviors for Admission, Continuation and Graduation for UW Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma Master's Students, UW Seattle GCPAPN, DNP, Post-Licensed GEPN Students, and UW Tacoma BSN Students
Memo 32: Graduate Nursing Students Going on Leave
Memo 33: Evaluating PhD & DNP Student Previous Courses for Core Course Equivalency
Memo 34: Admissions Committee Standards
Memo 35: Academic Student Employee Appointments
Memo 36: Communicating Concerns About Instruction
Memo 37: Revising & Proposing Sub-Categories of the Graduate Certificate Program
Memo 38: Revising & Proposing Courses
Memo 39: Revising & Proposing Training Grants, Programs & Tracks
Memo 40: Evaluating Master's Student Previous Courses for UW Course Equivalency
Memo 41: Students in External and Clinical Sites
Memo 42: GNM Enrollment in School of Nursing Courses
Memo 43: Essential Behaviors for Admission, Continuation, and Graduation, for PhD Students
Memo 44: Coursework in Clinical Settings Abroad
Memo 45: Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) Exposure/Clinical Incidents
Memo 46: Course Enrollment Limits
Memo 47: Policy on Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for International Students (F-1 Visa Students)
Memo 48: GNM Applications & Curriculum
Memo 49: Clinical Break Policy
Memo 50: Student Access to Courses
Memo 51: Procedure for Selection of an Educational or Training Grant Proposal when only One Submission is Allowed
Memo 52:

Grading for DNP 2.0 Students