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Proof of English Language Proficiency

Applicants to the BSN and ABSN Programs

Applicants to MN, DNP, and Graduate Certificate Programs with Clinical

Submit 2 scores (one from each category below): one (1) general minimum English proficiency score and one (1) speaking only score. Minimum spoken English test scores are required to ensure a student's success during clinical placements. An applicant who does not have a minimum test score in each category is NOT eligible to apply to the MN, DNP, or Graduate Certificate Programs (with clinical components).

Minimum General Score
Minimum Spoken English Score
IELTS 7.0 IELTS (speaking only) 7.0
TOEFLiBT 92 TOEFLiBT (speaking only) 26
TOEFLC 237 Versant English Test 70
TOEFL 580 TSE 55
MLT 90 SPEAK 230
Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic 65

*Alternatively, successful completion of the UW Intensive English Program prior to admission to the University of Washington will substitute for one of the reading/writing/comprehension test scores above. You must still submit a minimum Spoken English test score.

Test scores must be from within the last 2 years. If you do not have the minimum scores indicated above you are NOT eligible to apply to the School of Nursing.

All non-native speakers of English must provide proof of English language proficiency as established by the School of Nursing. English proficiency requirements are only waived if an applicant has received a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or from an institution in Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, or the United Kingdom OR can provide official documentation from the institution verifying that the applicant's undergraduate degree is from an institution (in a country other than those listed above) where all instruction is in English. The undergraduate degree must be equivalent to a US bachelor's degree. Documentation must be presented to the Office of Graduate Admissions. For questions about whether or not the requirement will be waived in your case, please contact the School of Nursing.

The School of Nursing has different English language proficiency requirements depending on which graduate degree or certificate program you are applying to. The MN/DNP/Graduate Certificate Program (with clinical courses) English proficiency requirements are set by the School of Nursing and differ from the UW Graduate School's general English proficiency requirements.

Applicants to MS, PhD, and Graduate Certificate Programs without Clinical

Submit one (1) score only: General English proficiency score. Additionally, a MS or PhD applicant with a score in a range under the minimum score can still apply to the School of Nursing and MIGHT be admitted to the MS or PhD program, but upon matriculation would be required to take designated Academic English Program (AEP) courses through UW English Language Programs.

General Score
Range of Admissible Scores
IELTS 7.0 6.0 - 6.9
TOEFLiBT 92 61 - 91
TOEFLC 237 173 - 235
TOEFL 580 500 - 579
MLT 90 80 - 89
Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic 50 - 64

**International applicants who successfully complete the UW Intensive English Program prior to admission to the University of Washington are also qualified to apply for the MS and PhD programs (instead of completing the above reading/writing/comprehension tests).

Test scores must be from within the last 2 years. An applicant who is within the range of the listed scores above might be admitted, but would be required to complete English courses upon matriculation.