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Steps in the Selection of the PhD Supervisory Committee

  1. Read Graduate School Memorandum No. 13, as well as Considerations for Selecting a Supervisory Committee Chair and Members.
  2. During the first year of your doctoral program, talk with your faculty advisor about members of the faculty who share your research interests, and might potentially be appropriate to guide your dissertation research.
  3. Interview graduate faculty who share your research and methodological interests to consider who might be an appropriate chair for your Supervisory Committee. Remember, your prospective chairperson is selected first.
  4. You and your prospective chairperson will identify likely candidates for the rest of the committee. Consider the ability of potential members to work together as well as their required expertise.
  5. Interview potential Supervisory Committee members and confirm their willingness to serve as a member of your Supervisory Committee.
  6. Submit a written memorandum for the appointment of your Supervisory Committee to Dr. Maggie Baker, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, at with a copy to yourself and to Graduate Program Advisor Betsy Mau, (no hard copies will be reviewed).  If you select committee members from outside the University of Washington, please provide their contact information.
  7. Submit a completed Use of Human and Animal Subjects for UW Graduate Student Theses and Dissertations form to Academic Services. This form is required whether or not your research will require an IRB review. If you are unsure about whether or not your research will require IRB approval, speak to your committee chair and consult these guidelines.

    If this form is not submitted, final approval of your committee is delayed until the form is received.
  8. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is the School of Nursing Graduate Program Coordinator. The Associate Dean will review your letter of request and forward it, via Academic Services, to the Graduate School for appointment and approval of the individual committee members.
  9. Your Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.
  10. Establish a schedule of regular appointments with your supervisory chair in order to enhance progression in your program of study within your time frame for completion.