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PhD Program Progression: General Examination

The General Examination marks the passage from pre-doctoral student to candidate status (Ph.C). It is completed within one to two quarters after coursework is completed and includes a written and an oral portion. You must familiarize yourself with UW Graduate School requirements for the General Examination and must register for at least two credits during the quarter the examination is taken.

Before requesting a General Examination with the UW Graduate School, check with Academic Services in the School of Nursing to ensure that your current working supervisory committee members are consistent with the names officially listed with the UW Graduate School.

The supervisory committee plans, conducts, and evaluates the exam. Questions and procedural rules for the examination are decided by the supervisory committee in consultation with you. The examination tests knowledge in nursing science, the related field, and inquiry: design and methods. As stated in Graduate School Memorandum No. 13, General Examinations must have four (4) committee members present, including:

  1. the chair
  2. GSR
  3. two additional members

You must submit your request for your General Exam to the Graduate School online via your MyGrad - Student View page at least ten (10) days before the exam is scheduled. You will need the date, time, and room of your exam, as well as the agreement of the members of your committee.

Pick up your warrant from Academic Services on the day of your exam, and return the signed warrant to Betsy Mau in Academic Services after your exam is complete.

Once you pass the General Examination, you become a candidate for the degree. A certificate of candidacy is sent to you. While use of the initials Ph.C is sanctioned by the UW Graduate School following a successful General Examination, you should be aware that this term is not acceptable as a designation of degree and may or may not be accepted for use in publications.