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Learning Environment

Students in the doctoral program are provided with ongoing opportunities to be mentored by experienced faculty teachers/ researchers. The School and its faculty are committed to a learning partnership with students and see graduate education, particularly for doctoral students, to be a negotiated learning experience. In the doctoral program we expect students to be active participants in the structure, process and content of the doctoral program. Students are very involved in the process of program revision.

Likewise, we expect faculty to participate in connected teaching and evaluation of the program to enable coordination and implementation of process objectives, including collaboration of students and faculty to shape the teaching and learning environment and to affirm the personal, intellectual and professional development of themselves and others in ways that nurture diversity.

We expect that negotiation occurs between students and faculty relative to the way the student's work articulates with the discipline of nursing and how components of the program of study can be modified to enrich the students learning experience. Any student who believes that s/he has been treated unfairly is to follow the steps outlined in University and School grievance policies to redress such a grievance.