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PCE Frequently Asked Questions: Registration

How do I register?

Each quarter, you will register using a hard-copy registration form sent via e-mail directly to you from Academic Services in the School of Nursing. These forms will also be posted to your program website. On the registration form, you will list each course in which you wish to enroll. You will submit your completed registration form directly to UWPCE with your payment. There is no electronic registration process; you do NOT register through MyUW. UWPCE registration services are located at the address below, NOT in the UW Registration office located in Schmitz Hall. You may register in one of four ways:

  • Telephone Registration: Call 206-543-2310, 800-543-2320, or 206-543-0898 (TTY). Payment by MasterCard or VISA required. Students receiving financial aid may not register by telephone because registration must be accompanied by the Payment Agreement Form.
  • Fax Registration: Fax the completed Registration Form with your credit card information to 206-685-9359. Students receiving financial aid must also fax their Payment Agreement Form.
  • Mail-In Registration: Send the Registration Form with check or MasterCard/VISA information to the address below. Checks must be in U.S. funds and payable to the UW. Students receiving financial aid must send the Payment Agreement Form along with the Registration Form.
  • In-Person Registration: UWPCE registration services are located at 4311 11th Ave. NE, Suite 100. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How do I select my classes?

Your quarterly registration form will list the courses typically recommended for your program of study. See the Extension time schedule, not the UW Time Schedule, for details about course locations and meeting times. Graduate students arrange their programs of study with their faculty advisors.

NOTE: In some cases, you will need to specify the number of credits on the registration form, or you may need instructor permission, an add code or a faculty code. Consult with your program faculty advisor.

May I register for elective courses that are not pre-listed on my registration form?

Yes. Students in UWPCE fee-based specialties and programs may register for courses outside of their designated curriculum in accordance with School of Nursing policies surrounding the academic program. Students register for all courses via the quarterly registration form and pay for all courses through UWPCE. For courses that are not normally part of a program offered through Extension, see the UW time schedule for course listings, locations, times, and instructors. Instructor permission or add codes may be necessary and must be obtained before registering for the course(s) that require them. List your selected electives on your registration form.

What if I have already submitted my registration form but need to add a course?

For changes to your registration, call the UWPCE Registration Line: (206) 543-2310. Give them the information on your changes, additions, and/or deletions. For deadlines to add courses, check the Extension registration calendar.

May I attend on a part-time vs. a full-time basis?

Some specialties and programs allow for part-time student status while others do not. Check with your faculty advisor for details about your program.

By what date every quarter must I register without a late fee?

See the following web page regarding late registration fees for PCE Student (this differs from students who pay state tuition): PCE Credit Course Important Dates