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NNP and Neonatal CNS Curricula

Courses focus on nursing concepts, individual and family development, physiological concepts, pathophysiology and research. Advanced nursing courses and electives in perinatal and neonatal health integrate theoretical content and clinical experiences and assist the student in the development of assessment techniques, advanced skills and intervention strategies. Clinical course work usually involves one-on-one teaching with an expert clinical preceptor.

Clinical sites used in the NNP specialty include level II and level III neonatal intensive care units, intermediate care nurseries, delivery rooms, well newborn areas, NICU follow-up clinics and community or home sites. The final intensive preceptorship is done in a level III NICU. Clinical sites used in the NCNS specialty include intermediate nursuries and neonatal intensive care units, newborn units, and NICU follow-up community or home sites.

Most courses are taught one-day a week and during quarters where more than one neonatal specialty course is taught, those courses are generally taught on the same or consecutive days.