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Timeline for Thesis Development

The following is a general time frame to consider for progression with your thesis. It may not apply if you are a part-time student or if your program of study has alternate sequencing.

First Quarter

Begin to formulate and read on your topic of interest. Explore for a potential thesis advisor, using the faculty section of the School of Nursing Web page to assist you in identifying faculty with related expertise.

Second to Third Quarter

Discuss your ideas with relevant faculty (and in NMETH 520 lab, if applicable). Select a thesis advisor. Meet regularly with your thesis advisor. Complete membership of supervisory committee. Develop first draft of research problem, including background knowledge and research purpose.

Third to Fourth Quarter

Complete a systematic review of the literature. Complete conceptual phase of study. Develop methodology phase of study. Explore potential settings for conducting your study. Obtain approval of thesis proposal, notifying committee members at least two weeks in advance that materials for review will be submitted. Initiate human subjects review.

Fourth to Fifth Quarter

After approval of proposal and human subject procedures, initiate data production and prepare for analysis of data. Make final corrections of Chapters I and II. Review Final Quarter Requirements. Faculty are usually unavailable to review thesis material during finals week or interim periods.

Fifth to Final Quarter

Complete data analysis. Write presentation of findings and interpretive phase of study. Time your final examination (thesis defense) so that your thesis may be approved by your supervisory committee and submitted to the Graduate School by the last day of the quarter. Complete final quarter requirements.