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Thesis Requirements

A thesis is an independent piece of research on a topic of particular interest to the student that involves the application of a research methodology. A student's thesis must:

  1. Demonstrate the use of scientific inquiry including a formal, written proposal identifying researchable questions and methods; data gathered to answer the question (may include a variety of data sources including, but not limited to, collection of primary data from humans or animals, secondary analysis of data gathered for another purpose, literature as data, e.g., meta-analysis, historical documents) and data analyzed and conclusions drawn.
  2. Be relevant for the discipline of nursing and within the context of advanced and specialized nursing practice.
  3. Intend to be relevant beyond a single institution/sample.
  4. When conducting research involving human subjects, must be preceded by completion and submission of the Use of Human and Animal Subjects for Theses and Dissertations form.
  5. Be primarily an independent project.
  6. Meet UW Graduate School minimum requirements, including communicating results and processes via a formal written report filed with the Graduate School.
  7. Meet all format requirements as outlined in the Style and Policy Manual for Theses and Dissertations.