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Scholarly Project Requirements

  1. Be relevant to the discipline or the advancement of nursing, within the context of advanced and specialized nursing practice;
  2. Results must be communicated in writing and orally;
  3. Be completed by either the individual student or via group collaboration;
  4. Completion and submission of the Use of Human and Animal Subjects for Theses and Dissertations form.
  5. Completion of at least six (6) credits of course work that supports the student's primary focus of scholarly inquiry. The plan for these 6 credits must be approved by the supervisory committee BEFORE course work is begun. ALL students choosing the scholarly project option must take a minimum of 1 credit of NMETH 598 - Special Projects.
  6. Projects may be completed with 6 credits of NMETH 598 - Special Projects. Study in NMETH 598 should reflect integration of knowledge gained from prior course work and demonstrate an extension of knowledge within the student's focus of scholarly inquiry. Study in NMETH 598 may involve:
    • research dissemination;
    • research utilization;
    • exploration of issues in quality assurance;
    • a research practicum, including participation in a study team and/or work with an individual researcher or research facilitator;
    • clinical problem analysis;
    • a demonstration project;
    • the development of a scholarly paper, evaluation tool, film or proposal for submission to an external funding agency; and/or
    • participation in a public policy process.