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Recommended Milestones for DNP 2.0 Students

Year 1

  • Students should initiate and complete a meeting with academic advisor every quarter.
  • Students should acquaint themselves with the program of study form. This should be updated every quarter.

Year 2

  • Students should continue to meet with academic advisor every quarter.
  • Students should continue to complete the program of study form.  This should be updated every quarter.

Year 3

Autumn Quarter

  • Student submits a letter of request for appointment of supervisory committee to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. 
  • Student and committee should meet to finalize the program of study.  This should be signed by all committee members and forwarded to Academic Affairs.
  • Student should identify site/agency/community for capstone project from list of available projects. Ideally this will be in site of Capstone Clinical Immersion. Student should verify that a current affiliation agreement is in place.
  • Student should complete a plan for capstone project and secure approval from committee for proposed DNP project.
  • Statement of Mutual Agreement is established per policy for DNP project.

Winter Quarter

  • Implement and evaluate the Capstone DNP Project.
  • Provide project results to site/agency/community in agreed upon format (oral and/or written report).
  • Present DNP project to supervisory committee orally and in writing.


Submit the following to the School of Nursing Graduate Program Advisor, Betsy Mau, in Academic Services:

  1. Warrant verifying the final examination is complete
  2. Verification of degree form
  3. DNP scholarly project abstract
  4. Upload abstract to Virginia Henderson library (optional)

See the DNP Student Forms page for all applicable forms.