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AGNP Curriculum

The AGNP core curriculum consists of courses, seminars and clinical experiences that focus on:

  • Advanced health screening, assessment, and diagnostic methods
  • Advanced pharmacology
  • Advanced physiology and pathophysiology
  • Focused courses on management of patients with episodic, chronic, gender-based, and mental health-related conditions
  • Leadership and health care advocacy
  • Research and critique of current practice standards
  • Interdisciplinary practice
  • Health care inequities and disparities
  • Clinical practicum offering at least 500 hrs in primary care of adults/older adults across the continuum of care under supervision of faculty and with preceptor guidance

Depending on your area of interest, other elective courses are available that complement the core courses and broaden your knowledge of a specific area of science, health assessment, disease treatment (e.g., infectious disease and infection control), nursing education or related fields. Your program of study is developed in consultation with a faculty academic advisor. Individualized programs can be designed for part-time students.

Distance Learning Options

The University of Washington School of Nursing currently offers Technology Enhanced and Distance Learning (TEDL) options for many DNP courses, notably in Year 1. TEDL allows students to pursue the DNP degree with reduced commuting to the Seattle campus. While many DNP courses include some TEDL methods, there are some courses that require in-person, classroom attendance.